NRG Drinks Ltd.

We provide the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS & PRIVAT LABEL PRODUCTION worldwide for the products and distributed and sold it by worldwide importers in every country. NRG Drinks Ltd. is operating in more than 40 countries by now.


Only your company can order and present our products in your country of interest and only your company can sell the products in the country of interest.
NRG Drinks Ltd. producing by our partner company energy drinks,erotic drinks,love drinks with different tastes and different ingredients in high quality with great care and according to the EU guidelines.
Our work is based on constant high quality improvement and integrated quality management.
A part of the business and product quality is HACCP, IFS and FDA (USA).
All our products can be varied according to the country concerned and import criterias worldwide.


Our main goal is to create innovative concepts for the beverage industry. We develop, create and supply beverage flavors, ingredients systems and finished drinks. Also we provide layout creation by your ideas and advise NRG Drinks Ltd. guides our clients through the whole production process.

NRG Drinks Ltd. provides superior services for private label beverages development, serving both the domestic and international sectors. NRG Drinks Ltd. brings a fresh and innovative approach to beverages development services.
As experts in beverages industry in both beverages development and production- NRG Drinks Ltd. is involved in every stage of beverages production from concept and recipe development to production management providing continual technical support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, idea and concept development for our clients.
In order to meet the individual needs of clients, NRG Drinks Ltd., maintains a wide range of qualifications like HACCP, IFS (International Food Standard) and FDA certifications. Our extensive knowledge enables us to carry out most unique beverage development projects.


  • 1 line for 150 ml and 330 ml with a production capacity of 42.000 cans per hour
  • 2 lines for 250 ml , 330 ml and 500 ml cans with a production capacity of 210.000 cans per hour
  • There are filling lines for energy drinks , love drinks , soft drinks and beer