An Energy Drink is a drink that due to its exceptional composition provides your body with extra energy during times of increased physical strain or stress.Energy Drinks contains taurine & glucuronolactone,two important metabolic transmitters,and caffeine as well as important vitamins,carbohydrates and inositol.This unique composition of ingredients has the following effect:

  • Increases physical endurance and metal alertness & performence
  • Improves reaction speed & concentration
  • Stimulates metabolism & increases stamina
  • Improves blood circulation and the coordination of the central nervous system
  • Enhances muscle tone at unbalanced electrolytic level
  • Contributes to detoxification of harmful substances in the body
  • Reduces stress recovery period

Additional Informations

  • Energy Drinks contain Vitamin and Mineral supplements?
    Our Energy Drinks contains vitamin B12,B2,B6 and niacin.VitaminB2 is needed for normal nerve cell activity,DNA replication and production of the mood-affecting substance.Vitamin B12 acts with folic acid and vitamin B6 to control homocysteine levels.The amount of vitamins contained does not exceed the recommended daily allowance.We must obtain vitamins from natural foods or dietary supplements in order to sustain life.
  • What exactly is Taurine?
    Taurine is a "life-supporting compound" and an essential amino acid naturally produced in the human body.Taurine can be found in high amounts in human tissue,especially in muscle,liver,lungs,brain & bile.During times of extreme physical exertion,the body can not produce the required amounts of taurine,and relative deficiency results.Taurine acts as a metabolic transmitter and additionally,taurine has a detoxifying effect and strengthens cardiac contractility.
  • What is caffeine?
    It is a psychostimulant,which means it has a stimulating effect to the cerebral cortex and to the respiratory and circulation centre.Caffeine is contained in coffee beans,tealeaves,cola nuts and mate leaves.
  • What is Ginseng?
    Ginseng comes fro the shady mountains forest of eastern Asia.It is built on in Korea,Japan,nothern China & eastern Russia.The ginseng root important for us contains an active substance mixture od saponin glycosides which are designated generally as Ginsenoside.The plant has a stimulating effect to body and spirit.It inceases oxygenation to the brain and livens it up.Modern laboratory research yielded that it has a stimulating effect on the immun system.In addition,ginseng increases the physical and psychological strength.Ginseng also has a favorable influence to age diabetes and opposes sexual reluctance.Ginseng always seems in the direction at a balanced normalizing of the body functions to perform. It corrects the staying power used by astronauts and high performance sportmens and makes it strong against stress.
  • What is Guarana?
    Guarana (pronounced gwa-ra-naa) is a berry that grows in Venezuela and the nothern parts of Brazil.The name " Guarana" comes from the Guarani tribe that lives in Brazil.Guarana plays a very important role in the culture,as this herb is believed to be magical,a cure for bowel complaints and a way to regain strength.They also tell the myth of a "Devine Child",that was killed by a serpent and whos eyes gave birth to this plant.Guarana`s biological name,Paullinia Cupana was taken from the German medical botanist C.F. Paullini,who discovered the tribe and the plant in the 18th century.The taste of guarana is distinctive and unique,and the main reason for its success in Brazil as a soft drink.The main ingredients of guarana is guaranine,which is chemically identical to caffeine. This is the reason of the high energy boost people get after taking guarana.


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